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Hypnosis for teeth grinding

Lifting The Curtain Of Hypnosis – The Reality Of Hypnosis vs The Myths


Hypnosis is often perceived as something that it is not. People tend to think it's a form of mind control, believing you can be unaware of what you are doing or may do things against your will. In reality, hypnosis is a form of relaxation we all experience everyday. Daydreaming, loss of time watching tv and other such events are forms of hypnosis. When you experience hypnosis therapy, you are simply relaxed enough to have an open mind to therapeutic suggestions. It's a safe and natural therapy method.

Key Takeaways:

Research shows hypnosis helps stop jaw clenching and teeth clenching

The jaw clenching and teeth clenching and grinding that you do when sleeping can be destructive.  It can lead to destroyed teeth, not to mention the sore jaw and other issues due to your jaw clenching and grinding. There are many remedies on the market for bruxism.  One of the most effective and least invasive is hypnosis, as shown by several jaw clenching research studies

For example, a study for bruxism (the technical term for your teeth and jaw clenching) by Oregon Health Sciences University, School of Dentistry, Portland found that hypnosis was indeed an effective means to stop your jaw and teeth clenching.  In this study, subjects who were experiencing jaw clenching and teeth grinding had hypnotherapy sessions for bruxism. At the end of the study, both EMG recordings and self-reports showed that there was a significant decrease in the tooth grinding and jaw clenching.  In fact, in the 3-year follow-up, it was found that the teeth clenching had continued to be stopped. Read more »

Study shows that hypnosis is effective way to stop teeth grinding

So - you want to stop jaw clenching and teeth clenching now because:  you are tired of the jaw clenching that causes a sore jaw each morning; the tooth grinding is causing damage to your teeth; or simply because your sleeping partner complains about the sounds you make every night.

Study concludes that hypnosis to stop teeth grinding can create quick, enduring changes

Research has shown that hypnosis can help teeth clenching and grinding.  For example, a study by the Monroe Mental Health Center, Inc., in Norfolk, NE, describes a 63 year-old women with a 60-year history of tooth grinding (also called bruxism), who was treated with hypnosis for bruxism.  After hypnosis, not only did the teeth clenching and grinding stop, but evaluations demonstrated that she continued to stop teeth grinding - even after a 5 year follow-up. Read more »

How to stop teeth grinding

Do you want to stop teeth grinding?  Do you have the symptoms of grinding your teeth at night:

  • you wake up with jaw muscles that are painful or tight due to jaw clenching
  • you teeth are getting chipped or worn down due to this teeth clenching and tooth grinding
  • your sleeping partner complains about the grinding noises you are making while grinding your teeth
  • you find you have chewed the tissue on the inside of your cheek

If you have the above, then you quite likely are grinding your teeth while sleeping.  This, in technical terms, is called bruxism.  

Most people grind their teeth because their jaw has just gotten into the habit of being tense during the night (and day).   This is often due to stress.  It can also be because your teeth are misaligned, making it hard for the jaw to remain relaxed.   Read more »

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