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About Us

Are you looking to improve your professional and personal life?  It is not easy - you need all the help you can get!  Back in the 80's, I discovered hypnosis tapes at my local bookstore. At the time I was stressed out due to being a single parent trying to cope in a large corporation.  I tried the hypnosis tapes during sleep and during the day when I wanted a breather.  Things did not change over night. However, I found that as the days progressed, I no longer felt I was battling life, and myself.  I went from trying hard in everything in life to a changed response:  I just did what was before me.  And, I was able to get promotions at work, while exercising, dieting - and juggling kids and work.

Now you can find online hypnosis self-improvement including areas like quitting smoking, weight management, motivation, stress reduction, sales and sports performance, creativity, and confidence. 

Self-improvement with online hypnosis can be effective - you relax deeply with inspiring, soothing hypnosis so you can choose new ways of doing, being and thinking - without being controlled by past experience.

Because I found hypnosis downloads beneficial, I created this site, offering a variety of articles about hypnosis so you can decide yourself, plus curated offerings of hypnosis downloads.

Note - the hypnosis downloads links go to - an affiliate site (yes, I do get some money when you buy the downloads). I chose this site because:

  • the people behind the hypnosis downloads are experienced hypnotherapists
  • they have been in business since 1995 -so they know what they are doing
  • all hypnosis downloads come with a 90-day guarantee: if you do not get the results you want within 90 days, you get a full refund - no questions asked.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.