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Lifting The Curtain Of Hypnosis – The Reality Of Hypnosis vs The Myths


Hypnosis is often perceived as something that it is not. People tend to think it's a form of mind control, believing you can be unaware of what you are doing or may do things against your will. In reality, hypnosis is a form of relaxation we all experience everyday. Daydreaming, loss of time watching tv and other such events are forms of hypnosis. When you experience hypnosis therapy, you are simply relaxed enough to have an open mind to therapeutic suggestions. It's a safe and natural therapy method.

Key Takeaways:

  • Given what you have seen with stage of hypnosis, you might believe that you're going to do embarrassing things, might lose control, or even that hypnosis is dangerous. 
  • But, if you have ever had a daydream, or watched TV so intently that you've not heard or seen what is around you, or even remember that moment just before you go to sleep, you have been in a hypnotic state. 
  • Hypnosis is about being in such a relaxed state that you are open to positive suggestions. 

"Daydreaming, the moment before falling asleep, watching tv and realising you have no idea what’s been happening in the show are all examples of this."

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