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How to Stop Snacking Between Meals

stop snacking

Almost all of us snack. In fact, 94% of us snack at least once per day. However, most of us want to lose weight, and that snacking is NOT helping our goal of losing weight. But, there are several ways you can reduce your snacking without starving. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Eat three meals per day, complete with a variety of nutrients. Also, be sure to include proteins and fats, as these take longer to digest. The longer it takes to digest your food, the longer you can go without getting that "must snack now" urge.
  • Get exercise. That exercise will not only help reduce weight but will also help keep the snack attacks at bay.
  • Get sleep. You are much more able to fight the urge to snack when you are well rested.
  • Keep a food journal and analyze the journal each day. Then, continue to incorporate the patterns and foods that keep you from snacking, and eliminate or change the patterns and foods that are not working towards reducing your urge to snack.
  • Get self-hypnosis or hypnotized. Research has shown that hypnosis works.

"It can be difficult to cut back on snacks when it is such a prevalent part of a culture, but once you take measures to change your habits, you might find it's not as difficult as you thought."

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