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Using 'Willpower' to Lose Weight Will Doom You to Failure


One of the most common comments about why someone doesn’t reach their weight goals or stick to their diet is that they lack willpower. However, this is very misleading and incorrect. Willpower is not something someone should rely on to lose weight. They should not develop the mindset that they need to have the willpower to eat less or starve themselves to lose weight. Instead, they need to reevaluate their relationship with food and find ways to reset their thinking about food.

Key Takeaways:

  • How many times have you started a diet and, while you are spiraling towards failure, someone said, "Well, you just have to have willpower."
  • But, dieting is not just a switch you can turn on and off. If it was - there would not be a need for a whole diet industry.
  • Rather, you need to change your attitude towards food, your habits, and your subconscious messages. Towards that, tools such as therapy, neuro-linguistic programming and/or hypnosis can help.

"Trying to override all that with conscious willpower is, for most of us mere mortals, stressful, frustrating and ultimately disappointing."

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