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Gain self confidence through hypnosis – one person’s journey

Does lack of self-confidence get you down? For example, do you want to start the day enthused and ready to take on the world, but then find that your personal enemy – lack of self-confidence - arises, and your energy is spent on that demon instead?

If you can relate to low self-confidence, this article on self-confidence and hypnosis, Confidence Tricks, is very enlightening. It describes a woman's personal journey through a series of workshops geared towards increasing self-confidence by hypnosis.  

Her first workshop was particularly interesting. She reviews working on her self-confidence issue that led to phone call procrastination (and haven’t we all experienced that?). She describes being hypnotized in front of a group of 25 people to work on this issue. She didn’t know if it was effective or not. But, a month later, she realized that she was picking up the phone to make those calls and that the reasons to avoid calling that usually flooded into her head were simply gone. Furthermore, she only had to recall the phrase “clarity and lightness” to feel calmed. The self-confidence hypnosis seminar turned her into a self-hypnosis convert.

We could all benefit from personal training like this. This self-hypnosis workshop was organized by Mark Tyrrell,  the co-founder of the self-hypnosis download center, and was held in England several years ago. You are in luck, though. You don’t need to fly to England,  hoping there are more (rather pricey) workshops. With one click of the button, you could have similar experiences for less than the price of 2 or 3 lattes (and save your money for a real vacation to Europe). See: How to Build Self-Confidence by Hypnosis for more information.