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Hypnosis for Self Esteem and Confidence

Hypnosis for self-esteem - does it work? Many people feel they are just not "good enough" due to low self-esteem, which is painful for them. Because of the pain, they avoid people and new challenges, which only causes them to feel worse. 

But, there are steps that they can take, including hypnosis to boost self-confidence and self-esteem, that will help them start saying that they really are "good enough" to say "yes" to life - and joy.

Signs you might have low self-esteem:

You might have low self-esteem if:

  • you are constantly saying you are sorry
  • you always see the glass 1/2-empty
  • you avoid social interactions
  • you are very sensitive to criticism
  • you can’t accept compliments
  • you don’t take care of yourself
  • you negatively exaggerate what you think people are thinking of you
  • you are reluctant to try new things and take on new challenges
  • you don't trust yourself
  • you view your mistakes as one more piece of evidence that you do "everything wrong"
  • you feel stupid
  • you feel unloved
  • you feel unworthy
  • you feel your opinions are not valid

Basically, these feelings derive from magnifying your faults while minimizing the positives in your life. So, for example:

  • When people say they like, for example, the meals you cook, you mentally reject their compliments.
  • Then, when you do burn an occasional meal, a voice in your head not only blames you for a bad dinner but goes on to remind you that this is “evidence” that you do "everything" wrong.

So, your mind has been programmed to take a simple act of burning a meal and turn it into a total rejection of yourself, while not allowing any positive thoughts about your cooking in your mind to counter these thoughts. No wonder you feel so bad!

Why do you have low self-esteem?

You weren't born with low self-esteem

You had self-esteem when you were a child. How else did you go from not even being able to roll over to walking - and running? And, how did you go from babbling to talking and writing? And, you cried loudly, irritating many, but you didn’t care. You were going to get your needs met, despite what people felt about you. And, during that time, you had no inner voice telling you that you were crazy to think you could run, jump, talk, and cry.

We have to learn low self-esteem

Where did the negative inner voice come from? During childhood, we start receiving good and bad messages from those around us: our parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and even the media. Those with low self-esteem absorb the negative messages more than the positive messages, thereby planting that negative inner voice that says you are not "good enough", causing us to fear what others might think.

And it is a vicious downward spiral

So, when you think about being with people or trying new things, the negative inner voice kicks in and convinces you to not try these things, in an effort to protect you from the negative feelings that can arise from these situations. Unfortunately, though, this creates a vicious spiral downward:

  • we don't get into situations that could be painful
  • but not trying new challenges and not socializing reinforces the bad feelings
  • so the self-esteem spiral continues downward.

And, with the growth of that negative inner voice, life gets plainer, less adventurous, less creative and less joyful.

Steps towards a healthy self-esteem

To turn low self-esteem around, many would say that you should just ‘think positively”. That might work for some. But when you have low self-esteem and tell yourself “you can do it”, often the negative voice bubbles up saying “like heck you can”. And now, there is yet another ‘failure’ for you to file into your mind: you can’t even do “positive” right. To change your low self-esteem, you need to change the negative inner voice. Some suggestions are:

  • When you hear/feel a negative message, stop and try to discover just whose message it is. Is it a message you have heard from your spouse, parent, or a friend? If so, accept that you are not them, and give yourself examples that defy their message.
  • When you hear a compliment, don’t discount the other person by rejecting their compliment. In fact, write that compliment down where you can see it on a daily basis so you can flood your mind with good messages.
  • When you hear/feel yourself telling yourself that you are bad, STOP. Then give yourself examples that contradict the bad message you are sending to yourself.
  • Embrace the imperfections. Every day we learn from our imperfections. But, we need to stop berating ourselves for not being 100% perfect and embrace the 20% perfection we have. You didn't learn to walk without falling - you simply learned to do it better next time.
  • Take on new challenges, but break the challenges down into baby steps. It might feel painful at first, but if you pat yourself on the back for every step you take, then see what you can do, it will help you achieve a healthy self-esteem.

Hypnosis for self-esteem

You need to catch the voice in your head when it is giving you negative feedback and correct the wild negativity it is giving you. But, how do you do that when you are so used to your negative voice that you can't even catch it? This is where hypnosis can help.

How Hypnosis Works for Self-Esteem

Hypnosis for self-esteem puts you into a very focused trance-like state. You are relaxed, yet open to suggestions and have a heightened imagination. This trance is similar to dreaming - but yet, you are awake. You have probably experienced this trance-like state when you have immersed yourself in a movie, where you are tuned out of the world and open to experiencing the movie as “real”, but yet, you are alert. In fact, for many, the movie could be so ‘real’ that your emotions change and, for example, you cry or are startled - even though you know that the movie is not real.

In this relaxed state, you can by-pass the negative voice in your head and instead infuse your mind with positive suggestions, called post-hypnotic suggestions. These suggestions will stay in your mind and take effect after hypnosis. So, during hypnosis, you can back-door the negative inner voice that refuses to allow positive thoughts and actions and plant positive imagery instead.

So hypnosis can re-program your unconscious mind. Re-programming the unconscious mind happens all the time. For example, people criticize you about your cooking, and you put that criticism into your unconscious mind. Then, a burned dinner triggers your mind to bring up all the cooking criticisms, causing you to come to the conclusion that you just can't do anything right. In other words, you have unconsciously programmed your mind to think you are no good at cooking.

But with hypnosis, you can take deliberate control of the re-programming of the unconscious mind and fix the negative patterns. So, after hypnosis, instead of telling yourself you are unworthy because you made a mistake, your mind can be trained to visualize what you do well, and know that when things don't turn out, it's okay - you are still one great person.

Hypnosis for self-esteem free audio

You can experience what hypnosis for self-esteem would be like by listening to the below audio. Notice how you go into a relaxed state where you can visualize the future that you want. This is just a very small sample of what you would experience in a full-length hypnosis for self-esteem session.

Click the below link, then scroll down to the bottom to hear the self-esteem hypnosis audio.

Hypnosis for self-esteem


When you have self-esteem

Having perfect self-esteem is not the goal. The goal is to go from low self-esteem to a healthy self-esteem where:

  • You are fair to yourself: You respect yourself and what you can do - and accept that you are not perfect.
  • You know and appreciate your strengths and use them.
  • You appreciate your limitations and work on those limitations as you desire - without putting yourself down.
  • You aren’t overly concerned about who you are compared to others. Rather, others who have different skills motivate you to try new challenges.

So, bottom line, by taking the right steps, augmented with hypnosis for confidence and success, you can get a healthy self-esteem. This lets you approach life in a calmer, more positive way and start saying “yes” to the life you want.