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The Surprising Way Hypnosis Changed My Approach to Health and Fitness


Quite often, it is that nagging mental chatter that sabotages peoples' diet and exercise programs. For example, the author of this article literally dreamed about cookies not letting her alone until she ate them all.

She then realized that she had to stop the continual mental chatter that told her that it was 'okay' to eat cookies and skip workouts. So, she went to a hypnotist - and found the experience surprisingly different than what she expected hypnosis to be.

  • The session started with reviewing why she wanted to diet and do exercise. And, she was surprised to find that what she really wanted was permission to put herself first and to stop the guilt and self-sabotage.
  • Through hypnosis, she visualized how great it felt to do exercise, and how the exercise resonated with her real desires.
  • She also created the trigger word "reset" that, when said after hypnosis, would help her get back on track with who she really wanted to be.
  • Although she does occasionally have mishaps, she found that she could now own her actions and get back on track instantly, when before it would have taken days, weeks - or even years - to get back on track.

"But now I know to say "reset" out loud and proud (sometimes even when I'm walking the aisles of a crowded grocery store) and I'm ready to do what I want—for my health and happiness."

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