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What is online hypnosis all about?

Video about hypnosis - watch now
Video about hypnosis - watch now

Don't know that much about hypnosis from online hypnosis websites? In this video, Mark Tyrrell, co-founder of the online Hypnosis and Creative Director of Uncommon Knowledge, explains hypnosis from his perspective.

He describes hypnosis as the optimum learning tool, as it changes your instincts.  We all have seen those people who:

  • simply don't want to overeat
  • walk up and give a speech without breaking into a sweat
  • just don't want a cigarette
  • easily deal with people with confidence

They are not trying hard to do these things - it just happens.  To become the same, we need to change our instincts, our gut feelings.  It seems to me that online hypnosis downloads can be a great help in this.