Are you looking to improve your professional and personal life?  It is not easy – you need all the help you can get!  Back in the 80’s, I discovered hynosis tapes at my local bookstore. At the time I was stressed out due to being a single parent trying to cope in a large corporation.  I tried the hypnosis tapes during sleep and during the day when I wanted a breather.  Things did not change over night.  However, I found that as the days progressed, I no longer felt I was battling life, and myself.  I went from trying hard in everything in life to a changed response:  I just did what was before me.  And, I was able to get promotions at work, while exercising, dieting – and juggling kids and work.

Now you can find online hypnosis self-improvement including areas like quitting smoking, weight management, motivation, stress reduction, sales and sports perfomance, creativity, and confidence.  Self improvement with online hypnosis is effective – you  relax deeply with inspiring, soothing online hypnosis CD’s and downloads, so you can choose new ways of doing, being and thinking – without being controlled by past experience.

Join me today for an exploration of the ways that online hypnosis cd’s, dvd’s, tapes and downloads can change your life.

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I previously wrote about MyPillow® – the most comfortable pillow you will own – guaranteed. I just found out that the folks at My Pillow, Inc. also offer the my doctors pillow and the my chiro pillow. So, if you are a doctor or chiropractor specializing in sleep disorders, you can now offer the MyPillow® to your patients. The additional revenue is nice. More importantly, helping your your patients get a good nights sleep  will make happy patients that come back – and give referrals.

Combine all of the above with some good sleep hypnosis downloads – and your patients can enjoy their days, well rested – drug-free.


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Who would have thought that my pillow would change my sleep? I have used self hypnosis downloads successfully for years now, as I would have a hard time getting to sleep, then wake up at all times of the night, and not be able to go back to sleep. I now have found the perfect combination: sleep hypnosis PLUS my pillow. The sleep hypnosis puts me to sleep when I have had those days that are so stressful that my mind just can’t stop churning.

Now, I am finding that my new pillow keeps me asleep. My previous pillows were flat – so I was using 2 pillows to get half-way comfortable. The two flat pillows, though, just did not provide the nice insertion area for my head. Now, with my pillow, I use one pillow – it is comfortable, adjustable, with just the right amount of firmness. And, even more importantly during these hot days – it is cool.

So – my advice: try hypnosis downloads and my pillow.

Hypnotize sleep – with sleep hypnosis downloads, you can use your ipod, iphone or any audio player to hypnotize sleep into your night. And – it has been proven to work in sleep hypnosis research.

Start your peaceful nights — get your sleep hypnosis downloads now at:

Insomnia hypnosis downloads

Or find more hypnosis sleep products and read the insomnia research articles.  

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Hypnotize sleep: relax, turn on your iPhone, iPod or player, and drift away into peaceful sleep

Hypnotizing sleep works, according to an interesting study in the International Journal of Psychosomatics which compared subjects that were hypnotized for sleep with subjects with a stimulus control or a placebo for insomnia. According to the subjects’ sleep diaries,  those that were hypnotized improved sleep, whereas the other groups did not notice a change in their insomnia.

Source:  Hypnotize for sleep onset insomnia

Hypnotize sleep into your night

Insomnia can be devastating. Not only are you irritable, your lack of sleep affects your productivity, your immune system, and your ability to think clearly.  This causes more worries and stress, which only increases your chance of not sleeping through the next night – a downward cycle!

Studies show that if you get  hypnotized, you sleep better.  It makes sense – hypnosis goes into the subconscious, circumventing that critical mind that feels it MUST think about all your worries throughout the night – even though you never solve those problems by that tossing and turning!

Getting sleep with hypnosis is a natural sleep aid.  And, studies show hypnosis is better than sleeping pills like Lunesta, Sonata and Ambien.  With self-hypnosis sleep solutions, you can have a sleep and relaxation CD or download at your fingertips, next to your bedside, so you can use them anytime you want.

Plus, online hypnosis downloads are inexpensive and, with a 100% money-back guarantee – you can count on a relaxing night’s sleep and productive days ahead.

Order hypnotize sleep into your night downloads

Go Back To Sleep Online Hypnosis Download

Hypnotize Sleep and Dream Online Hypnosis Download

Insomnia Buster Bundle Hypno-pack 4 Download Bundle

Perfect Partners: Fall Asleep Fast + Go Back to Sleep Hypnosis Downloads

Sleep Like a Child Online Hypnosis Download

Cure Insomnia Online Hypnosis Download

Drift Off To Sleep Online Hypnosis Download

Order hypnotize sleep and relaxation CD set:

Deep Sleep Program Double CD plus Free Peaceful Moments CD

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You could be better off getting your sleep with hypnosis rather than sleeping pills for insomnia.

In a study with patients with post traumatic syndrome and consequential sleeping issues, it was found that hypnotherapy outperformed the drug Zolpidem (whose trade name is Ambien).  Not only did the group with hypnotherapy reduce their post traumatic symptoms, the hypnotherapy group showed an improvement in all of the sleep variables that the researchers were assessing. 

You might have heard about Ambien and other insomnia drugs such as Sonata, Lunesta, and Imovance/Zimovance through their constant advertising.  These sleeping pills have quite a few potential side affects including headaches; dizziness; morning sleepiness; drowsiness during the day (which could increase your chance of falling, and  affect driving); and reduced ability to function during the day.  One study  showed that older women taking Ambien could have a higher risk of getting hip fractures.  Plus, if you get out of bed before getting 7-8 hours of sleep, you could experience memory loss.  And, if you take sleeping pills for longer than 2 weeks, you might experience an addiction, and the first night without sleeping pills you may have more difficulty in going to sleep than before. You might also experience changes to your mental health, such as aggressiveness, hallucinations, memory problems, and depression. 


The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. 2008 Jul;56(3):270-80.
National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Comparing Newer Drugs for Insomnia

Hmm – pretty scary side affects.  How many pills will you need to overcome the effects of sleeping pills?  If you have severe insomnia, the risks of taking sleeping pills could outweigh the risks involved in not getting enough sleep.  However, the effectiveness of getting sleep through hypnosis doesn’t surprise me.  I have had many sleepless nights due to stress, too much caffeine and, probably, too little exercise.  So, I downloaded online hypnosis dowloads to my iPhone so I can hypnotize sleep anytime during the night.  These self-hypnosis downloads sure do beat counting sheep, or trying to solve those business problems in the middle of the night (which always, of course, leads to bizarre, totally unworkable solutions).  

Self-hypnosis downloads are inexpensive – many for as little as $12.95.  And, they come with a 100% 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  They might be worth a try – either before you take those sleeping pills, or after the 2-week maximum dosage.  Try one of the following, or search for those issues that are keeping you awake in the search box on the right.  What is a good night’s sleep worth?

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The jaw clenching and teeth clenching and grinding that you do when sleeping can be destructive.  It can lead to destroyed teeth, not to mention the sore jaw and other issues due to your jaw clenching and grinding.   There are many remedies on the market for bruxism.  One of the most effective and least invasive is hypnosis, as shown by several jaw clenching research studies

For example, a study for bruxism (the technical term for your teeth and jaw clenching) by Oregon Health Sciences University, School of Dentistry, Portland found that hypnosis was indeed an effective means to stop your jaw and teeth clenching.  In this study,  subjects who were experiencing jaw clenching and teeth grinding had hypnotherapy sessions for bruxism.  At the end of the study, both EMG recordings and self-reports showed that there was significant decrease in the tooth grinding and jaw clenching.  In fact, in the 3 year follow-up, it was found that the teeth clenching had continued to be stopped.

Source:  Suggestive hypnotherapy for bruxism at night: a pilot study.

Online Hypnosis download to help you relieve your jaw clenching and teeth clenching 

Many of the teeth clenching remedies can be expensive and intrusive.  However, you can try self-hypnosis downloads for jaw and teeth clenching and for around $10   – made by a company with knowledgable, reputable, ethical people.   So try:

Download: Stop Jaw Clenching and Teeth Clenching 

With the 100% money-back guarantee,  you have nothing to lose – and a good nights sleep and good teeth to gain.

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So – you want to stop jaw clenching and teeth clenching now because:  you are tired of the jaw clenching that causes a sore jaw each morning; the tooth grinding is causing damage to your teeth; or simply because your sleeping partner complains about the sounds you make every night.

Study concludes that hypnosis to stop teeth grinding can create quick, enduring changes

Research has shown that hypnosis can help teeth clenching and grinding.  For example, a study by the Monroe Mental Health Center, Inc., in Norfolk, NE, describes a 63 year-old women with a 60-year history of tooth grinding (also called bruxism), who was treated with hypnosis for bruxism.  After hypnosis, not only did the teeth clenching and grinding stop, but evaluations demonstrated that she continued to stop teeth grinding – even after a 5 year follow-up.

Source:   Pub Med:  Understanding Change: five-year follow-up of brief hypnotic treatment for chronic bruxism.

Stop jaw clenching and teeth clenching and grinding – with online hypnosis

Could you stop teeth grinding with hypnosis?  It seems easier than putting things in your mouth at night, or attaching machines to you!  And, online hypnosis is a cheaper approach than customized mouth guards and feedback machines.  .

Download an online hypnosis tooth grinding session: 

The following online hypnosis session is around $10, is backed by reputable, ethical, knowledgeable people, and has 100% money-back guarantee.  So – you have nothing to lose – and everything to gain (like your teeth)!

Download online hypnosis: “Stop teeth clenching and grinding”

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Do you want to stop teeth grinding?  Do you have the symptoms of grinding your teeth at night:

  • you wake up with jaw muscles that are painful or tight due to jaw clenching
  • you teeth are getting chipped or worn down due to this teeth clenching and tooth grinding
  • your sleeping partner complains about the grinding noises you are making while grinding your teeth
  • you find you have chewed the tissue on the inside of your cheek

If you have the above, then you quite likely are grinding your teeth while sleeping.  This, in technical terms, is called bruxism.  

Most people grind their teeth because their jaw has just gotten into the habit of being tense during the night (and day).   This is often due to stress.  It can also be because your teeth are misaligned, making it hard for the jaw to remain relaxed.  

So – how to stop jaw clenching and teeth clenching and grinding?

How to stop grinding teeth?  There are many remedies for bruxism:

  • mouth guards and splints for tooth grinding:  these are made of hard acrylic or soft, rubber-like materials and can be customized by your dentist, or non-customized.  They are then worn in the mouth.  They can slow down the tooth damage and may reduce the grinding sounds.  However, most studies have shown that once you stop wearing them, the the grinding of teeth comes back.  And, they can fall out during sleep.  
  • dental correction to stop tooth grinding:  if the tooth grinding is connected with dental issues, such as bad bites, dental reconstructive treatment can help.  Obviously, this is expensive, but could be needed overall
  • biofeedback for bruxism:  this involves attaching electrodes to the face. or a gauge between the teeth.  When the systems detect signs of grinding your teeth, a flashing light or alarm is activated, which teaches you to change your behavior.  There are obvious pros and cons.  On one side, there is a better chance that you will learn to change your behavior.  On the other, you may have your sleep disturbed for no reason at all, due to a false alarm.
  • stress management for teeth clenching:  there are many indications that a high percentage of people grind their teeth due to stress.  Therefore, stress reduction activities and counseling could promote a reduction in teeth grinding.
  • hypnosis for teeth clenching  has been proven effective:  it can reduce your stress while helping retrain your mind to not tense the jaw.

First step: Use non-invasive online hypnosis downloads to stop jaw clenching and teeth grinding:

Grinding your teeth can be very destructive –  nobody wants to grind their teeth away!

Many of the treatments involve attaching things to your face, or putting things in your mouth, which can be uncomfortable and expensive.  And, obviously, needed dental treatment should be considered – but can be expensive.

Online hypnosis downloads for jaw clenching and teeth clenching and grinding are a good first step to stop teeth grinding, providing you with:

  • an inexpensive solution for around $10
  • a solution that, if it doesn’t work, is no cost, as you can get your money back (try that with mouth guards)
  • a treatment that is non-invasive – nothing to put in your mouth, or attach to your your face
  • a solution that promotes relaxation, while training your mind towards a better solution

Some excellent online hypnosis downloads to stop jaw clenching and teeth grinding:

The following are excellent self-hypnosis downloads, created by a company known for their ethics and extensive knowledge gained by sterling accreditations and decades of experience.

And, if you need to go to that dentist, but are paralyzed by your fear of dentist, you might want to look into:

All of the above downloads have a online hypnosis 100% money-back guarantee.  Therefore, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, like a good nights sleep, no more jaw clenching –  and saving your teeth.

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“If you’re like me you don’t know that much about hypnosis from online hypnosis websites and hypnotists.  Then join me in a journey to explore this fascinating topic.  To start, in the video below, Mark Tyrrell, co-founder of the online Hypnosis and Creative Director of Uncommon Knowledge, explains hypnosis from his perspective.

He describes hypnosis as the optimum learning tool, as it changes your insticts.  We all have seen those people who simply don’t want to overeat;  who walk up and give a speech without breaking out in hives; who just don’t want a cigarette; who easily deal with people with confidence.  They are not trying hard to do these things – it just happens.  To become the same, we need to change our instints, our gut feelings.  It seems to me that online hypnosis cd’s, mp3’s, tapes and dvd’s can be a great help in this.