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Online Hypnosis Blog

Online Hypnosis Blog

Are you looking to improve your professional and personal life? It is not easy - you need all the help you can get! Back in the 80's, I discovered hynosis tapes at my local bookstore. At the time I was stressed out due to being a single parent trying to cope in a large corporation. I tried the hypnosis tapes during sleep and during the day when I wanted a breather. Things did not change over night. However, I found that as the days progressed, I no longer felt I was battling life, and myself. I went from trying hard in everything in life to a changed response: I just did what was before me.

Deep sleep may act as fountain of youth in old age


The more people age, the more sleepless nights they have. Does this mean they need less sleep as they age? No, say researchers at UC Berkley. In fact, this lack of sleep shortens peoples' lives by increasing their chance of Alzheimer's, heart disease, strokes, obesity, and diabetes.

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The Surprising Way Hypnosis Changed My Approach to Health and Fitness


Quite often, it is that nagging mental chatter that sabotages peoples' diet and exercise programs. For example, the author of this article literally dreamed about cookies not letting her alone until she ate them all.

She then realized that she had to stop the continual mental chatter that told her that it was 'okay' to eat cookies and skip workouts. So, she went to a hypnotist - and found the experience surprisingly different than what she expected hypnosis to be. Read more »

7 tips you can apply now to feel more confident


You see people achieve extraordinary things all the time. They are the people who easily take on projects - no matter what the size. They just do the projects, without fighting huge self-confidence issues. 

Not all of us intrinsically have this sense of strong self-confidence, though. But, there are steps you can take now to build your confidence.

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Manifest What You Want


There are three steps to manifesting anything that you want with the power of your mind. First, you must focus on the clear end result you want to attract. Second, move in the general direction of your dream by focusing on it and taking daily action. Third, trust that the Universe is giving you guidance and moving you closer every day to your dream. Remind yourself daily of your goal by writing it down on a piece of paper and looking at it every day.

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