I found a short, informative article on the Mayo Clinic website, titled “How effective is hypnosis for weight loss?”.  The article states that hypnosis could be one of the tools you use to lose weight.  It mentions that numerous studies have evaluated the effect of hypnosis and  weight loss  and have found fairly positive results.  For, when you are under hypnosis, you are in a relaxed state.  This state makes you  much more focused and open to suggestions such as making healthy changes towards losing weight.  The article does stress that hypnosis is not magic – that you need to combine the hypnosis with exercise and a healthy diet.  It also emphasizes  the need to find therapists with good training and reputation.

I found this article interesting because, more often than not, when you hear the medical institutions talk about remedies, you hear about pills.  So I was enthused to see the Mayo Clinic actually give a nod towards weight loss with hypnosis.  We need all the help we can get when we are on a diet – a stream of “you-can-do-it” to counter the stream of junk food advertising combined with your mental “can’t do” stream of thought.  A good therapist will cost over $100/hour.  However, you can find a  weight loss hypnosis cd or download of your choice for much less than that.  And, the article was quite right about ensuring that trained, reputable therapists are behind the hypnosis – see this information about hypnosis ethics.

Weight Hypnosis CD The Weight Hypnosis CD contains 4 specially selected hypnosis sessions.

What healthy actions would you like to see in a weight loss cd or download?  Perhaps decreasing your desire for junk food and wanting healthy foods instead, or boosting your weight loss motivation - or what about  over-coming your lack of motivation for exercise or just getting some energy to overcome that drained feeling you often feel when trying to lose weight.  A focus, relaxed mind can program your unconsciecous mind to be your friend, helping you pinpoint your personal weight loss sabotagers – and providing a path towards improved behaviors instead.


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