quit smoking by hypnosis You know that cigarettes are bad for your health – and that smoking costs money! You tried to quit smoking cold turkey, with nicotine gum, with nicotine patches – even with drugs such as Zyban and Chantix. But, you are still smoking.

You could try to quit smoking through hypnosis.  But, after all you have been through – you are skeptical. You at least need proof before you put your time – and money – into yet another approach. I too needed the power of scientific investigation. So, I was very interested in the results reported in ScienceDaily.com* from a scientific research about how you can quit smoking by hypnosis – Hypnotherapy as an Aid to Smoking Cessation of Hospitalized Patients.

It is a well known fact that smoking causes a a large number of heart and lung-related hospital admissions. In their attempt to reduce smoking and therefore, hospital admissions, a group at North Shore Medical Center in Salem, MA. did a study comparing the effects of trying to:

  • quit smoking by hypnosis
  • quick smoking by nicotine replacement therapy

The results of the study pointed to the fact that trying to quit smoking by hypnosis was indeed more effective than the nicotine replacement therapy – and far more effective than doing nothing.

So – what are you waiting for – you deserve good health.  If you smoke a pack a day, you can get a whole hypnosis program for less than the cost of three weeks of smoking see -  quit smoking by hypnosis with Quit Smoking – Stay Stopped.

* For more information, see: American College of Chest Physicians (2007, October 24). Hypnotherapy For Smoking Cessation Sees Strong Results. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 18, 2009, from http://www.sciencedaily.com­ /releases/2007/10/071022124741.htm.

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